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How Does Physical Activity Affect Blood Pressure?

One of the most important things you can do to prevent or manage high blood pressure is ...
Healthy Weight

Does Reducing Weight Reduce Blood Pressure?

The prevalence of obesity in the United States has doubled in the past two decades and ...
Healthy Eating

How Do You Read A Nutrition Label For High Blood Pressure?

Checking the Nutrition Facts on the food label is one way to choose foods that are lower ...
Healthy Eating

Does Dietary Fiber Help Reduce Blood Pressure?

Eat more fiber! Most likely, you've it before. However, do you know why fiber is so ...
Healthy Eating

Does Sugar Make Your Blood Pressure Go Up?

In the United States, nearly 1 out of 2 adults has high blood pressure (hypertension). ...
Healthy Eating

Does Having High Cholesterol Increase Blood Pressure?

Though fats and cholesterol don’t raise blood pressure directly, having a high blood ...
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